How to Make a Hanging Table With Macrame

Updated February 21, 2017

The art of macramé is centuries old, starting with sailors making knots for their rigging and to pass the time while at sea. Macramé is simply a series of knots put together to form wall hangings, plant hangers, jewellery, or clothing. Macramé was very popular in the '60s and '70s and then kind of dropped off the crafting lists. It is now regaining its popularity as many are now realising the functionality of easy-to-make crafts. Not only are macramé projects pretty, they also save space by placing plants and tables off the floor. This how-to will teach you how to make a hanging table using macramé and you will have a beautiful and functional accent to your home. Macramé instructions can be difficult to understand so be sure to refer to the images so you can get a visual on how to make the knots.

Cut 16 cords of 13 yards long each, and one knotting cord cut to 4 1/2 yards long.

Group the 16 cords together, fold them in half and slide them through the 2 1/2-inch ring. You will have thirty-two dangling cords of equal length. At this centre mark, just under the ring, wrap a piece of extra cord around all thirty-two cords for 2 inches. Tie it off.

Slide a 5-inch ring over all thirty-two cords to 6 inches down from the wrap. Make sure the cords are placed straight down from the wrap to prevent twisted cords. Place a double half hitch knot with each cord onto one side of the ring. It's easier if you work one cord from the front, then one cord on the back, alternating all the way around until all thirty-two cords have been attached to the ring. Make sure the ring is level, steady and the each string is taut between the ring and the wrap.

Take four cords and make a square knot. Repeat this using four cords all the way around. You will have 8 square knots directly under the ring.

Take two cords from one square knot and two cords from the next square knot and place a new square knot in these four cords under the top square knots. This will make a square knot in the space between the top two square knots. Continue this all the way around again.

Repeat Step 5 for the third row of alternating square knots.

Place a second 5-inch ring over all of the cords and again place a double half hitch onto the back of the ring with each cord, following Step 3.

Take four cords and make a sinnet or string of six square knots just under the ring. Repeat this process with four cords each. You will have eight sinnets all the way around the ring. Make two more rows of alternating square knots. Refer to the image.

Place a third 5-inch ring over all cords again and repeat Step 3.

Make three rows of alternating square knots, repeating Step 5.

Place a fourth ring and repeat Step 3.

Divide cords into four groups of eight cords each. Work each group individually and make a sinnet of alternating square knots just under the ring. Alternate the cords again and repeat the square knots. Continue this process until it reaches 36 inches. Repeat this process with the remaining three groups of cords.

Divide the cords from one sinnet into two groups of four and tie a 7-inch sinnet of square knots in each group of four. Continue this process with the other three sinnets.

To connect the sinnets. take two sinnets and tie a 5-inch sinnet of square knots, using the two outside cords square knotted around the six remaining cords.

Gather all cords together and wrap 2 inches of cord directly beneath the square knots and tie it off. Trim the dangling cords to desired length. If using polypropylene cord, fuse the ends to prevent ravelling.

Hang the macramé from a hook in the ceiling and place the glass table top inside it, positioning it so the square knots below it are in the middle of the glass.


It's easier to stand and work the cords from the ceiling as they will dangle and you can easily move them out of your way. You can place this table either in the house or on the deck

Things You'll Need

  • 6-mm white braided polypropylene cord---216 yards
  • or 4-ply natural jute cord
  • 2 1/2-inch metal ring
  • Four 5-inch metal rings
  • 24-inch round glass table top
  • Macramé board or hook in doorway or ceiling
  • T-pins
  • Ceiling hook where you want the table to hang
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