How to send funny text messages

Updated March 23, 2017

Funny texts help break the ice, make your friends laugh or send someone a smile in the middle of a busy day. The most important thing to remember when sending funny texts is that sarcasm doesn't come through well in a text because there is no voice or body language to give clues. Keep your funny texts to jokes and things that are clearly funny so you don't accidentally offend someone with something that would be funny in person.

Send a joke you already know. This is the easiest way to send a funny text if you want to send one quickly and don't have time to research. Go for a shorter joke so you can send it in a single message.

Look up funny text messages online for ideas from other people's funny texts. They range from funny pickup lines to quick jokes. Modify it to make it your own.

Add a smiley face at the end of a funny text, especially if it's a play on words or something the person might not get. The smiley face makes it clear that it's lighthearted.

Send a text about a funny thing you saw today, like someone wearing a crazy hat or doing something weird on the sidewalk. A small funny story about your day always comes across well, as long as you keep it nice.


When texting someone for the first time, wait for their response before sending something else.

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