How to Take Care of a Chorkie Puppy

Updated April 17, 2017

A Chorkie puppy is one produced by one Chihuahua parent and one Yorkie parent. Not recognised as a purebreed, the Chorkie is growing in popularity as a healthy hybrid. As a mixed breed, the Chorkie is known for its good looks, good health and energetic personality.The Chorkie originated in the United States. This article will explain how to take care of a Chorkie puppy.

Brush your Chorkie's hair regularly. A Chorkie puppy often has the face of a chihuahua but the long hair of a Yorkie. In some Chorkies, the hair is thick and wiry while others have long, smooth coats. If one parent was a longhair Chihuahua, the coat may be even longer and more unruly. Use a soft brush to keep the coat from getting tangled and to keep shedding to a minimum.

Make sure your Chorkie puppy gets plenty of exercise. Chihuahuas and Yorkies are both energetic little dogs, and a Chorkie puppy needs a regular outlet for that energy. A daily walk or a game of chasing a ball will help the Chorkie be a healthier dog.

Feed the Chorkie two to three times a day. Small dogs have a caloric need per pound that is higher than a larger dog's need. In other words, a Chorkie puppy needs plenty of calories to sustain himself and his energy level. One meal per day will not be enough for this tiny high-energy dog.

Be careful around the home to avoid accidents that may injure a Chorkie. This mixed breed is bred from the two smallest dog breeds, with most Chorkies weighing between three and six pounds. This small size means that an accidental kick with a large shoe or a dropped grocery bag can lead to serious injury for the dog. With a Chorkie puppy in the house, be sure to step lightly and to watch the floor as you walk. If the puppy jumps out in front of you, you and the puppy could both be injured.

Keep Chorkies on a leash or harness if they will be around larger dogs. Like Chihuahuas and Yorkies, Chorkies tend to believe they are bigger than they are. They are known to antagonise much larger dogs in the belief that they are the fiercer dog. Some dogs are intimidated by the Chorkie's bark, some are bewildered and don't react, but others will take the bait and come after the fierce-sounding Chorkie puppy.

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