How to make a greeting card on a mac

You can make a greeting card on a Mac using two commonly installed Mac programs or online resources. Mac software creates visually interesting cards quickly and easily with its drag and drop elements. You need look no further than iWork and iPhoto, two universally installed basic Mac programs, to make a greeting card on a Mac with complete personalisation control. Many online programs for creating greeting cards and eCards work seamlessly with Mac computers as well.

Make a greeting card on a Mac using the Apple word processing and publishing software iWork. Typically preinstalled on Macs, the Pages program within iWork has greeting card templates among other desktop publishing features. Pages offers a few more creativity features within its templates than does Microsoft Word, its Windows counterpart.

In iWork, go to Pages; a Template menu will open. Click on "Page Layout," then "Cards and Invitations." Choose the type of card to make and click on it to open the template. Add text, shapes, tables, charts and media using the buttons in the top menu bar. When adding media, choose photos, audio or movies from your files, then simply drag and drop them onto your card. Edit any given graphics or text in the template by clicking and changing it. When finished, save and print the card or attach it to an e-mail and send.

Alternatively, you can make a greeting card on a Mac using iPhoto, which comes installed on most Macs. Use any photo you have in iPhoto to create a card from several templates. The cards may then be printed, e-mailed or ordered for printing online.

Open iPhoto and choose a photo or photo group from your files. Click on the "Card" button in the bottom menu bar. A Card menu opens. Choose the type of card you wish to make from the left-side menu and the layout style for your card from the right-side menu. Edit the card to add or delete any other photos by dragging photos in or out of the photo tray at the top of the screen. Edit the theme, background, orientation and text of your card project by clicking on each option and changing it with the buttons in the bottom menu. Save and print the card, e-mail it or order cards online for printing and delivery.

Use online printable cards and eCards to make greeting cards on a Mac. At these sites, you can create a variety of cards free or pay a small fee and have access to a larger selection and more services. Most sites offer both print cards and eCard services.

Use downloadable software and shareware as another alternative for making a greeting card on a Mac. Software expressly for creating greeting cards usually provides more personalisation and creativity options than the online programs. Free shareware programs exist, as do programs you may purchase and download.

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