How to Install Drawer Slides

Drawer slides are the hardware under a drawer and in the drawer cavity that facilitate smooth operation of a drawer as it is being pulled out or pushed in to position. Often drawer slides will become misaligned or damaged with wear and tear and this can make drawer operation difficult. It is a simple process to replace drawer slides. Instead of suffering with drawers that do not operate properly, replace the slides of a drawer.

Remove the drawer from the drawer cavity and remove any existing hardware that you will be replacing.

Open the package of drawer slides and determine which slides will be installed on the left side of the drawer and which slides will be installed on the right side of the drawer according to manufacturer instructions. Look at the inside of the drawer cavity and determine how the slides will be positioned for installation for the drawer and the drawer cavity.

Place the left slide in the drawer cavity with the bottom rail of the slide on the bottom of the cavity. The front of the lid must be aligned with the exterior of the drawer. It is important that the slide be level. Install the slide by screwing the screws included in the drawer slide kit. Repeat with the right slide.

Align the front of the slide and hold it secure while screwing the screws in both the back and the front of the rail.

Place the wheels into the rails at the back of the drawer cavity. Lower the drawer to align it and slowly push the drawer all the way into the cavity.

Ascertain that the drawer operates properly to finish the installation.

Things You'll Need

  • Drawer slide kit (includes hardware)
  • Phillips head screw driver
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