How to make a car more comfortable

Written by erin moseley | 13/05/2017
How to make a car more comfortable
Taking extra time to make your car more comfortable makes long journeys much more pleasant. (Getty Images)

British people live in their cars and love making them comfortable. Whether you're driving to work or going on a road trip, making your car space stress-free is high priority. Car culture embraces appealing designs both inside and out and encourages people to personalise and make their vehicles more comfortable. Car parts shops are around every corner catering to the desire of drivers and passengers to add comfort to their vehicles. Choices abound for improving the quality and comfort of your auto from the air system to the sound system, from windows treatments to the seating selection.

Get a great sound system. Install a quality CD player and speaker system that can deliver the tones you love. If you listen to classical music or jazz, get speakers that can pick up high notes. If its hip hop or rock, you might want a good bass component. Most large electronics shops not only have products in stock, but they can install them too.

Upgrade the shocks on your car. Fork out to get the primo model. This will improve the smoothness of the ride of the car.

Wrap the seats with custom-made seat covers. Choose a unique upholstery that is soft and comfortable in an appealing design. Cloth covers are generally more pleasant to sit on than vinyl or leather.

Get an air cleaning system such as an ionic one that fits into the cigarette lighter. This will keep the air inside the vehicle clean.

Get a contoured backrest. This can help relieve muscle tension in your back and prevent backaches when you're stuck in rush hour traffic or even on a long trip.

Have a cruise control system installed in your car. This is helpful for long motorway trips and can help prevent your right foot and leg from going to sleep or cramping up. Be sure that you know how to use the controls before embarking on a trip.

Get your car windows tinted. If you live in an area with lots of sunshine during the summer months, this will reduce glare on the windows and thus make the car more comfortable to drive.

Refrain from smoking in the car. Keep the car smoke-free for the comfort of children and other passengers. Consider wearing a nicotine patch when driving long distances.

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