How to and where to buy concrete stamps

Updated February 21, 2017

Concrete stamping is a process whereby concrete is imprinted and coloured to give it the look of a different material such as brick or stone. The techniques used to decorate concrete have become increasingly advanced, so it is more difficult to tell at first glance whether a material is brick, stone or stamped concrete. While you'll usually achieve best results by having concrete professionally stamped, you can purchase your own concrete stamp if necessary.

Visit every concrete speciality store in the area. While traditional hardware stores typically don't carry concrete stamps, businesses specialising in concrete work will often have them in stock. If you don't know of any, check the phone book or call a major hardware store and ask about concrete contractors nearby, since the hardware store may supply materials to them.

Ask the supplier about renting a concrete stamp. Renting is usually more cost-effective than purchasing since concrete stamps can range in cost from less than £65 to more than £650 and once the job is finished, you likely won't need the stamp anymore.

Talk to professional builders to see if they will rent you a stamp or if they have an old one they would sell you at a good price.

Check online to compare pricing before finalising what type of stamp you want to get. You may be able to get a better deal online if you are purchasing a stamp, but you usually won't be able to rent one through the Internet. Figure in shipping costs when deciding what the best deal is.

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