How to remove write protection from microsd card

Full-sized SD and SDHC memory cards have a Lock switch on the left side of the card that you slide to enable or disable write protection. MicroSD cards do not have such a switch, although they have an irregular design that may give the appearance of one. Do not try move this part of the card; doing so can cause damage to it.

Check the packaging that the microSD card came in for a microSD to SD adaptor. The adaptor looks like a full-sized SD card with a slot in it for the microSD card. If you don't have an adaptor, purchase one from an electronics store, large supermarket or chemist.

Insert the microSD card into the slot in the adaptor card. Hold the adaptor so that you can read the label and the side with the connector pins is facing away from you. On the card, find the word "Lock" with a directional arrow, usually located on the top left. The direction in which the arrow is pointing is the direction the tab should be slid in order to lock it for protection against overwriting or accidentally deleting data.

Push the tiny sliding tab, in the slot to the left of the adaptor, up to remove write protection from the microSD card within the adaptor card.


When buying an adaptor, make sure that the packaging says that it is designed for microSD cards rather than miniSD cards.

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