How to Delete an Online PS3 Account

Updated February 21, 2017

Although you may love your PlayStation 3, the time may come when you are just not that enthralled with your PlayStation account. Whether you are getting your system ready to sell, or just want to start fresh with a new account, deleting your PS3 account is a very simple process. After a few short steps, you will be free of your PlayStation Network ID for good.

Boot up your PlayStation 3 and log in normally to the account you wish to delete by selecting it from the main menu.

Scroll to the left side of the cross media bar (where all users are displayed) and highlight the active account. It will have a little white dot next to it.

Press the triangle button on your PlayStation 3 controller to bring up a sub-menu. This menu will appear on the right side of your screen.

Select the "delete" option from the menu. A pop-up screen will ask whether you are sure you want to delete the account. Simply confirm and your account, along with all your save files and account information, will be gone forever.


When you delete your PlayStation ID, you will lose all content associated with that account, including saved files, games downloaded from the PlayStation Store and any personal media such as music or photos uploaded using this account.

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