How to Hide a Nose Stud

Updated February 21, 2017

Nose studs can add a distinct sparkle to your personality, but sometimes the sparkle needs to temporarily go. You may wish to hide your piercing for school, during a job interview, or to avoid upsetting your parents during dinner. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can hide it.

Remove your regular nose ring. If you have just had your nose pierced, then you need to immediately put in a new stud. However, if you have had the piercing for a while and it has fully healed, then the easiest way to hide your nose stud is to make it literally invisible by removing it until it is OK to replace it. Your hole will not close up for several days, so as long as you replace it at the end of the school day or following an interview, you should be fine.

Dab concealer over the hole. Often, the piercing will look like a large blackhead when it does not have a stud in it. You can hide it with concealer. If you need to leave the stud in, you may wish to try dabbing foundation or concealer over the stud. This can camouflage it to people who are not looking for a piercing, but it can lead to infection if your piercing is not fully healed.

Replace your regular stud with a clear plastic stud. Many of these studs have a flat end that sits flush against the outside of your nose. This makes your piercing and the stud completely invisible.

Stick a clear bristle from a bristle brush through the hole. This works basically the same way as the plastic stud, but it may be uncomfortable or fall out if you are not careful. Always douse anything you are placing in a piercing with rubbing alcohol before using it to hold your hole open.

Move to an 18-gauge stud. These studs are nearly invisible, and unless you have one with a diamond on top or something else that draws attention, anyone who actually notices the stud will likely think that it is just a blackhead.


Nose piercings are very hard to totally hide because they are literally right in the middle of your face. If you anticipate a negative reaction to your stud, remove it if at all possible for the best results. Avoid removing your stud for the first 8 to 10 weeks to make sure it heals completely.


If you are not 18, you and your piercer can get in trouble for piercing your nose without your parents' permission. Wait until you are 18 to do it and avoid legal trouble.

Things You'll Need

  • Clear plastic stud
  • Clear bristle brush
  • 18-gauge stud
  • Liquid concealer in your shade
  • Rubbing alcohol
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