How to Clear Search History From Hard Drive on a Mac

Every time you visit a website or use a search engine on a Mac computer, information about your activity is stored on your hard drive. If you share a computer with another person or are only borrowing a computer for a short amount of time, you will probably want to clear your search history and remove the record of it from your hard drive. This article pertains to clearing your search history in the Safari web browser on a Mac.

Open the Safari web-browser application by clicking on the icon in the dock.

Click on the magnifying-glass icon in the upper right corner of the Safari window and choose "Clear Recent Searches" from the drop-down menu. This will remove the record of your latest Google toolbar searches.

Go to "Safari" in the top menu bar and choose "Preferences."

Go to the "Autofill" tab in the pop-up window and uncheck the box next to "Other Forms."

Click on the "Edit" button next to "Other Forms" and select "" from the list of sites.

Click on the "Remove" button to erase all records of your search-engine activity. Then click the "Done" button.

Things You'll Need

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
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