How to Create Custom CD Labels

Updated April 17, 2017

Using Microsoft Word, you can personalise your custom-made CDs with custom CD labels. Avery and other manufacturers make printer-friendly labels just for this purpose. You can also customise the CD label even more by putting a picture into the background.

Open Microsoft Word and get to the "New" task pane. To do this in Word 2007, click the "Office" button and then click "New." In earlier versions of Word, go to the "File" menu and click "New."

Click "Microsoft Office Online" in Word 2007 and then type "CD label" into the search box. In Word 2003 or earlier, in the "Templates" section of the task pane, type "CD label" into the "Search Online For" box and click "Go."

Choose "CD or DVD Labels (Works With Avery Labels 5824)" and click "Download." The template will open as a new Word document. Click on the CD shape on the document to select it. Right-click and choose "Format AutoShape."

Go to the "Colors and Lines" tab. In the "Color" drop-down box, choose "Fill Effects." Choose "Preset" on the "Gradient" tab and select a preset colour option. Choose an option from the "Shading Styles" list ("From Center" is a good choice).

Click inside the text box that says "CD Title." Drag your mouse across the text or press "Ctrl+A" to select it all and then type in the title and date for your label. Select the text again, right-click and choose "Font" to change the font style, size and colour. Click out of the text box and then click the edge of the text box. Right-click and choose "Format Text Box." Choose "No Fill" from the "Color" drop-down box and click "OK."

Click the text box that says "This CD Contains." Type in the titles of the songs on your custom CD, or type up a special message to the recipient. Repeat the steps with the second template on the page. Save your changes, print onto the Avery 5824 labels and apply to your custom CDs.


To add a picture as the background for your CD label, go to the "Picture" tab of the "Format AutoShape" dialogue box and click "Select Picture." Select the picture you want to use.


Do not download music illegally to create custom CDs.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word
  • Avery 5824 labels or similar
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