How to replace mobility scooter parts

Updated February 21, 2017

A mobility scooter can be a lifesaver to a person who has trouble walking or is physically unable to do so. Once the warranty on one of these scooters expires, though, that person may be in trouble if the scooter begins to malfunction. Replacing a part of the scooter may get that scooter up and running again. Unfortunately, you really can't find these parts at a local store. Luckily, there are numerous online stores and distributors that sell all kinds of parts for mobility scooters.

Find mobility scooter parts on the Monster Scooter Parts website. This website sells parts for all types of makes and models of mobility scooter parts. Click the "Mobility Scooters & Power Chairs" picture found directly on the home page. Scroll down the next page until you find the manufacturer of your mobility scooter parts. Click on the manufacturer and you will see a list of different mobility scooters. Select your scooter and you will see a list of available parts for your scooter. Click on a mobility scooter part to order online or contact Mobility Scooter Parts directly at (800) 798-0325.

Log onto the Scooter Catalog home page. Click the "Scooter Parts" link found on the left side of the home page. You will then see a list of scooters as well as individual parts, such as tires, gas tanks and other accessories. Click on the part that you are searching for or click the "Electric Scooter Parts" option. Click on the part to order. Alternately, call (281) 948-3985 to order by phone. E-mail at

Buy mobility scooter parts from Edmond Wheelchair Repair and Supply. You will find discount mobility scooter parts on this website. Use the links in the box on the right side of the home page to search for mobility scooter parts by category. Once you select a link, you will find different products. Click on a product to read more information about that item. Shop and order over the phone by calling Edmond Wheelchair Repair and Supply at (888) 343-2969.

Visit the Scooter Parts portion of the Electric Scooter Outlet website. Click the "Mobility Scooters" link found in the "Categories" box. You will find over 30 pages of scooters and scooter parts. You must browse through all of the pages because the parts and scooters are not listed separately. You can also type in a specific part in the text box next to the "Search" option at the top of the page. Contact Electric Scooter Outlet with any questions by e-mailing the company at


Take your scooter to a mobility scooter or power chair expert if you are not familiar with mobility scooter installation and repair. Otherwise, you may damage your mobility scooter.

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