What to Wear to a Chris Brown Concert

Updated March 23, 2017

Chris Brown, a young man and music sensation, is quickly gaining popularity all over the world. From his first hit, "Run It," on his self-titled debut album to the follow-up, "Exclusive," Chris Brown has fans worldwide clamouring for his concerts. If you're hitting a Chris Brown concert, you've got to dress the part. Fortunately, Chris Brown's versatility as an entertainer and also a fashion role model makes dressing for the concert effortless.

Punk Look for Guys

Chris Brown has an ever-changing fashion sense. He goes from punk to preppy. To copy his style, step into some dark baggy jeans with a black or white tank top. If it's cold, an oversized sweatshirt is a great addition.

Punk Look for Girls

Girls can go a step further and pair a tank top with shorts. Top off the look with a stylish hat and heels. Remember, though, a concert will require a lot of standing, so heels may not be the best option. Choose cute flats to match the ensemble if you plan to stand or walk around.

Preppy Look

For a more preppy look, choose baggy jeans and a button-down shirt with sleeves rolled back to the elbow. Leave the shirt loose.

Girls can pull off a preppy look also. Wear black shorts, black heels or flats, white T-shirt and a black vest.


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