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Updated April 17, 2017

There was a time when people routinely wore money belts. Before the advent of the wallet, they were the primary mode for carrying currency. Nowadays, money belts are making a reappearance. Part of their new found popularity is due to safety factors. While pickpockets might be able to lift a wallet without anyone noticing, removing a belt is virtually impossible. But safety isn’t the only factor that is convincing people to make the switch. Convenience and comfort are additional reasons for people to move from wallets to money belts. Gone is the uncomfortable lump experienced while sitting down. Also gone is the concern of how clothing will look with that full wallet bulging out of the back pocket. However, finding a money belt might be problem unless one knows where to look. Some ideas are provided within this article.

Check out the Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt. It comes in “one size fits all” in the colours of black, brown, blue and khaki. With its hidden zipper pocket, it conceals currency while providing hands-free protection. The belt is adjustable with a military style buckle, with quick release action. It is inexpensive at £9.

Try the Travelon leather belt. Available in two colours--brown and black, the belt adjusts to all waist sizes up to 44 inches. To make it shorter, all one needs to do is to remove the excess leather by cutting it off and then reattaching the buckle. A hidden zipper compartment is perfect for carrying cash or checks. This belt retails for £19.

Opt for a Lewis N. Clark cloth money belt made from Coolmax fabric. The belt’s adjustable strap fits waists up to 50 inches. It holds a zippered main compartment for cash and checks as well as an inner credit card pocket. The belt retails for just under £7.

Purchase Travel Smith’s airport friendly belt. This durable nylon webbed belt comes in black, brown and olive. It features a simple to open flip buckle that is made of durable plastic, so that no metal will set off the airport security alarms. The belt comes in two sizes. The medium fits waists between 34 inches and 36 inches. The large fits waists between 38 inches and 42 inches. It retails for just under £16.

Check out one of the many money belt styles available at the Money Belts website. The site has different styles, sizes and colours. There is bound to be one to suit almost anyone’s desires. Belts here retail between £9.70 and £21.40.

Go to to shop for Lifeventure Money Belts. These military-style belts come in various colours as well as in hard plastic or metal. They are self-adjusting and will fit most waist sizes up to 48 inches. The cost varies depending upon the belt chosen but average around £9.

Shop at Nextag for a variety of money belt options both in leather and canvas. Choices come in various sizes, colours and belt widths. Prices range from £7 to £44.

Purchase a Swiss Army Wenger money belt. The belts begin at size 32 inches and go up to size 42 inches and come in both black and brown. The belt contains a 12-inch zipper compartment that holds checks and cash. Belt buckles are make of titanium. The cost is just over £19.

Try the Baladeo Travel More money belt. This adjustable elastic belt is made out of breathable fabric. The belt contains three separate zipper compartments; one for cash, one for checks and one for credit cards. The belt adjusts to waists up to 37 inches. It retails for just under £9.

Think National Geographic for a perfect money belt option. From the people who know what it takes to be safe when travelling, the National Geographic money belt is made from soft, flexible nubuck leather. It comes in sizes from 32 inches to 40 inches and in black and brown. This belt holds more cash than other money belt on the market--as many as 15 bills. It retails for £31.


Choose the type of belt that best suits your personal lifestyle. Choose a belt size one size larger than your pant size.

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