How to Print Passport Photos on an HP Photosmart A610 Printer

Updated April 17, 2017

Don't wait for beautiful full colour photos from the store. Instead, print your own whenever you want with an HP Photosmart A610 Printer. Do regular prints, panoramic photos and photo stickers. You have plenty of options and the printer gives you immediate professional results. You can even use the printer to print out U.S. passport photos, saving yourself a trip to the portrait studio.

Insert the memory card into the printer. Once the light changes from blinking to steady, the printer can read the card and is awaiting the next command.

Choose the photo you want to use. On the printer, you can use the screen and navigation buttons to scroll through the photos to locate the image you want to use for the passport photo.

Press the "Menu" button.

Select "Print Options," then "OK."

Choose "Passport photo mode" and then choose "OK."

Select "On" and then "OK."

Choose a passport photo size from the selections, then "OK." Load the photo paper into the paper tray at the back of the printer.

Press "Print" and see the passport photo print out. The paper will hold as many copies as can fit. The number of photos just depends on the size of passport photo you chose. While official U.S. passport photos must be 2 x 2 inches, the HP Photosmart A610 printer does allows you to adjust the size of the image.

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