How to Replace Your Turn Signal Relay in a VW Passat

Volkswagen products are similarly designed. Just as in the Jetta, the Passat has the turn signal and hazard flasher relay coupled into one unit. Although this makes repairs potentially more expensive for items that perform numerous functions, it does simplify the repair process. Changing the turn signal flasher relay on the Passat is very similar to the process for the Jetta.

Look into the side of the steering column to locate the switch at the base of the turn signal arm. Using a can of contact cleaner or WD40, direct a small squirt into the switch. Turn the arm up and down repeatedly for about a minute to work the oil into the switch. When the contacts of the switch become fouled or dirty, there is no connection to the switch, which prevents it from working.

Locate the hazard flasher on the dashboard. It should be in the center, just above the console. Pull out the hazard switch and then continue to pull to unplug the switch from the plug behind the dashboard. This unit is the turn signal and hazard flasher relay switch.

Obtain a replacement relay switch for your year and exact model from either a dealer or auto parts store. Place the new switch back into the hole in the dashboard where you removed the bad one and push it firmly into place. As it seats, it will plug into the socket behind the dash.

Start the Passat. Now check the operation of both turn signals and the hazard lights. Make sure everything operates correctly.

Things You'll Need

  • Contact cleaner
  • New replacement hazard switch
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