How to Make a Rainbow Brite Costume

Updated March 23, 2017

Rainbow Brite was a cartoon adored by little girls born after 1975 and before 1990. With her rainbow attire and golden orange hair, she captured the hearts of a generation of kids. Learn how to make a Rainbow Brite costume for Halloween, or just plain reminiscent fun for a party!

Put your hair (or wig) up into a ponytail, and tie it up in a rainbow ribbon.

Browse thrift stores in search of a blue dress or a blue cheerleader skirt, as this is the foundation of Rainbow Brite's costume. Put a puffy slip under the skirt to make it stand out for best effect.

Put on a red belt over the dress or skirt.

Put on red suspenders over your blue dress, and be sure to securely fasten them to your red rainbow belt.

Place a rainbow patch right in the centre of your red belt.

Get a pair of rainbow leg warmers and get a pair of rainbow wrist bands. This is an essential part of the costume. Rainbow Brite is covered in rainbows!

Put on a pair of sneakers or cute rainbow shoes. You can be a bit playful here, and simply match something up with your costume.

Put on some rainbow jewellery, and you are all set to go face the world as Rainbow Brite!

Things You'll Need

  • Golden orange wig
  • Dress
  • Belt
  • Suspenders
  • Rainbow patch
  • Leg warmers
  • Wrist bands
  • Sneakers
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