How to Care for a Yucca Tree

Updated April 17, 2017

The yucca tree can be an outdoor or indoor plant. Indoor yucca trees are generally the spineless yucca. They make great indoor plants because they are very attractive and they clean the air well. Caring for a yucca tree is very simple. They are native to desert regions, such as Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico. Since they require little water, and a simple soil, they are a cinch to care for.

Choose a spot with full sunlight for the yucca tree. Should the plant be indoors, choose a location near a window with a lot of exposure to warm temperatures and sunlight.

Plant the yucca tree in an area that has sand in the soil. If you are planting the tree indoors, use cacti mix and sand or gravel.

Check the moisture level of the yucca tree by feeling around the base of the tree for water. If your plant is in a pot, do not water the plant until the first 1/4-inch of soil is dry.

Water the yucca at the base of the plant, or from the bottom of the planter.

Treat the plant for any pests by using an insecticide.

Prune the yucca tree by removing dead leaves. This will encourage new growth.


There is no need to fertilise the yucca tree. If you see brown tips on any newly grown areas, this is a sign that the yucca tree has some root problems. It may need to be replanted as to drain off water more efficiently. Yellow areas on the tree are a sign of overwatering.

Things You'll Need

  • Large indoor pot
  • Cacti soil or sand
  • Water
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