How to Understand Male Body Language

Updated February 21, 2017

The way men hold their bodies can convey as much or more information than what he says. This non-verbal, subconscious communication is called body language. Body language can provide information about his attitude or feelings. It could indicate interest, boredom, aggression, displeasure, confusion or many other feelings. Men speak a slightly different body language than women. He might exhibit non-female gestures such as finger pointing or he may fidget more than the average woman. Men show unconscious clues if they are romantically interested in a woman. If you know what to look for, you might have a better understanding of what his body language really means.

Pay attention to how he holds his body. Men will try to occupy more space when they're talking to you to show dominance. They might spread their legs while sitting or stand too close to you. This means they are trying to show they are the boss.

Watch his hands. Men have a tendency to move around more, playing with their pens, for example, or shifting their posture. If he is sitting on his hands, he may be trying to control what he says. If he is playing with his cell phone, he may be trying to impress you by showing you he can buy expensive things.

Look at his smile. A half smile that is a little like a sneer can be a forced smile that indicates insincerity. A smile that is just barely showing the top teeth says he likes you, but not romantically. A closed-mouthed smile indicates he likes you, but is not ready to open up just yet and needs more time. A wide, open mouthed smile that involves the eye muscles is a sign he is happy being in your company.

Watch his eyebrows when he first sees you. If he likes you, he may lift and lower his eyebrows, which wrinkles his forehead. This is an eyebrow flash, a quick reaction to seeing someone he likes and is unconscious.

Fixate on his eyes. It is not normal for a person to hold a gaze for longer than five seconds. Anything longer than that is forced and he may be trying to seduce you.

Pay attention to his torso. If his body is facing you, but he is looking elsewhere, he is interested in you. If he is slouching close to you, this could indicate he is feeling protective of you.

Watch how he touches you. If he extends his hand to you palm up, this is a sign he is attempting to connect to you on a deeper level. If he touches the small of your back, he may be sexually aroused.

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