How to make cabbage juice

Updated November 21, 2016

While cabbage is usually a food that is more than cringe worthy, it's not without its benefits. It's well-known as an anti-inflammatory and a source of lactic acid, making it a common natural treatment for gastritis and intestinal afflictions. It also has a reputation for fighting the good fight against cancer and heart disease. It has long been known to settle digestion problems and help heal ulcers. There is an easy way to keep your refrigerator stocked with this healthy juice.

Wash and chop enough of the cabbage to fill the blender. Add some of the distilled water to approximately the 2/3 mark on the blender. Blend on high speed for one minute or until completely blended.

Repeat the process with two more batches. Pour into bowls, cover with cling film and let stand at room temperature for three days.

After three days the cultured cabbage juice will be ready to drink. Strain it first to separate the liquid and the pulp; throw the pulp away and put the liquid in the refrigerator.

Repeat the process when the first batch starts to get low. This time, put 1/2 cup from the original batch into the new batch. This speeds the culturing process, and this batch will be ready to drink in only one day.


For the most benefit, drink a mixture of equal parts cabbage juice and water. Once a day is fine for a 'maintenance' dosage.


Consider any rotten odours to be a sign that you should discard that batch and start fresh.

Things You'll Need

  • Green cabbage
  • Distilled water
  • Blender
  • Cling film
  • Several containers
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