How to Steam Fruits in a Microwave

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Make your own tasty and nutritious baby food by steaming fresh fruit in a microwave. Steamed and puréed fruit also makes ideal toppings for ice cream and other desserts. If you have an abundance of fresh fruit on your trees or in your garden, or if you stocked up on the sweet treats at a farmer's market, steam some rather than letting them go to waste. Making your own steamed baby food or toppings may be less expensive than buying store-bought versions.

Peel fruit with skins, such as apples, kiwi and pears, using a vegetable peeler. Rinse fruit that you don't intend to peel, such as blueberries, strawberries, plums, peaches and raspberries, thoroughly under cool running water.

Cut the fruit into small, bite-size pieces using a sharp paring knife.

Place the fruit pieces in a microwave-safe bowl featuring a lid. Steam one type of fruit at a time or combine several types to create a customised blend.

Cover one-quarter of the fruit with water. Press the lid firmly onto the bowl.

Microwave the fresh fruit on high for one minute, or until it is soft. Add a little more water and continue microwaving the fruit until it is soft if it isn't ready after one minute. Drain any excess water from the bowl and mash the steamed fruit with a fork to create baby food or a topping if you desire.

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