How to use liquid glass to seal a blown head gasket

Updated March 23, 2017

A blown head gasket can allow water to get into your oil. This can cause compression and power loss, and can cost a pretty penny to replace. This easy fix will allow you to continue driving your vehicle until you can afford the cost of a re-manufactured or resurfaced head. Liquid Glass is an aftermarket repair liquid that will bind to any weakened areas of your head gasket or head when heated in your radiator. You can find this at any AutoZone, NAPA, Pep Boys or associated repair shops.

Start your vehicle and pour the entire bottle of Liquid Glass into your radiator. Allow your vehicle to get up to regular operating temperature.

Shut off the vehicle. Place your catch pan under the front of your vehicle where the release cap is for your radiator drain.

Unscrew the radiator drain valve and allow it to drain completely into the catch pan once the vehicle has cooled. Dispose of the drainage as your local laws require.

Replace the drain cap and refill your radiator with water. Start your vehicle and allow it to run until it has reached regular operating temperature, then shut it off again.

Again replace the catch pan under the release valve for your radiator, and unscrew the valve. Allow all the water to drain, and dispose of it as law requires.

For the last time, replace the cap and refill your radiator completely. You have now sealed up any places in your head that may have allowed a leak.


Some vehicles are equipped with an aluminium head, in which case this will not repair your problem. You can call a local repair shop to price a resurfaced head, which will be the cheapest route for you to take with this repair. Many junkyards also carry heads, and you should call to price them as well.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 bottle of Liquid Glass
  • 1 large catch pan
  • 1 Pitcher for water
  • Water source
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