How to Wear a Pocket Watch

Bring a bit of yesterday to your style by wearing a pocket watch in place of a wrist watch. Attach your watch to a vest or belt with one of the many pocket watch chains available. Review the different types of pocket watch accessories available and choose the style that suits your lifestyle.

Consider a fob chain to adopt a style that has been popular since the Victorian Era. Your pocket watch hooks to the end of the fob chain. Tuck the watch into a pocket when not in use. Wear the fob or decorative ornament on the exterior of your clothing for people to see. Choose a medal or membership pin to use as a fob or purchase an ornate gold or jeweled fob to add a little bling to your style.

Attach your watch to your belt with a belt clip chain. Slide an attractive metal clip over your belt and attach your watch to the chain. Place your pocket watch in a front pants pocket for safe keeping.

Wear your pocket watch attached to a belt loop using a spring ring chain. Slide the spring mechanism back and attach the ring to your belt loop. Place your watch in your pocket. Find spring ring chains in a variety of sizes and colors at a watch retailer.

Select a T-bar chain or a Double Albert chain for an authentic look that fills the front of your vest with chains and ornamentation Insert the T-bar behind a button hole and allow the pocket watch chain to drape across your vest and into the pocket where you store the watch. Drape chains across both sides of your vest with a Double Albert chain, which also includes a fob. Attach a fob or other tool at the end of the second chain and wear it exposed or tucked into your other vest pocket.

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