How to Clear Clogged Windshield Washers

When you're cruising down the highway and need to clear off your windshield, you rely on your windshield washer system to do the job. If a nozzle or the line is clogged, you get a weak spray of cleaner or none at all. This only makes a mess of the windshield and impairs the view. Follow these steps to clear clogged windshield washers.

Check the amount of windshield washer fluid in the reservoir. Locate the vehicle's reservoir and use the recommended products to fill it.

Turn on the vehicle ignition. Test the windshield washer to pinpoint the clog. Examine the washer fluid system to see whether it's in one nozzle or in the line. Make sure excess car wax is not blocking the nozzle opening.

Insert a sewing needle into the opening of the nozzle a few times to dislodge a clog. Test the windshield washers before proceeding.

Unclog a blocked nozzle with a can of compressed air. Hold the can upright with the directional tube against the nozzle to force air into it. Listen for the air to bubble in the fluid in the reservoir. Try the washers again.

Remove the tube from the lower portion of the nozzle. Blow air through the tube into the reservoir to remove any debris in the line. Reconnect the tube to the nozzle. Press the button to spray washer fluid.

Replace the nozzle. Visit the dealership or an auto parts supply store to obtain the correct replacement part. Snap the new nozzle into place and reconnect the line.


If the blast of air disconnects the feed hose from the nozzle. Locate the retaining buttons under the hood insulation to reconnect the hose.

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