How to Kill a Stinkhorn Fungus

A stinkhorn fungus is a fruiting body resembling a finger. When it is mature you will find it covered in slimy, stinky spores sticking out of your lawn. The odor from the stinkhorn attracts flies that carry the fungus to other parts of your lawn. You must kill this fungus before it quickly spreads.

Wear a pair of disposable gloves. The stinkhorn fungus has a smelly slime covering it. The odor it emits is difficult to remove from skin.

Remove the stinkhorn fungus from the soil and place it in a plastic bag to kill the smell. The bag should be free of holes or tears to prevent the spread of spores.

Dig up the soil that surrounded the stinkhorn fungus. It likely contains spores that will grow more fungus. Place it in the plastic bag and tie it off tightly.

Toss the bag of stinkhorn fungus in the trash.

Spray the yard with an environmentally approved fungal remover. This will kill any remaining spores to prevent further growth of the stinkhorn fungus. Organic sprays are the safest for the environment, children and pets.

Cease watering for a couple of days to allow the lawn to dry. Fungus thrives on moisture. Remove any play equipment or lawn furniture from the grass.


Don't place the discarded stinkhorn fungus in the green waste, as it will grow more stinkhorn fungus if spores escape.

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