How to delete a Gmail account

Updated February 21, 2017

Gmail is a free email service that anyone may sign up for and use. Once you register for Gmail, you may use your Gmail account anytime. If you decide to cancel your Gmail account, you may delete your account whenever you wish.

Go online and point your browser to your Gmail account. Log in to your Gmail account.

Click on the "Settings" button found near the top of any page of your Gmail account.

View the tabs in your settings and choose the "Accounts" tab. Click on this tab.

Look over the choices. Choose "Google Account Settings" which is fourth on the list of choices.

See a pop-up box. The left-hand side will say "Personal Information" and the right-hand side will say "My Services." Next to "My Services," is an "Edit" button, and this is the button to click on now.

"Delete a Service" and "Close Account" are the two options on this page. If you just want to delete Gmail, choose "Delete Gmail Service." Answer the questions on the next page and delete your Gmail account.

Choose "Close Account" if you want to delete both Gmail and the rest of your Google account. Both options will delete your Gmail account, but if you choose "Delete Gmail Service," this option will only delete your Gmail account.


Gmail does not recycle user names. Nor does it allow you to reactivate your account once you delete the account. Do not delete any Gmail account unless you are sure you will never want to use that user name again.

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