How to buy a telescopic stun baton

Updated February 21, 2017

Every year, there are new self defense products released to help keep us safe. These include the telescopic stun baton. You can extend a telescopic stun baton and use it against an assailant several feet away. This type of weapon allows you to neutralize an attacker from a safe distance.

Buy the stun baton from a store that sells self defense products. If you buy online, you can look at additional specifications and reviews of different telescopic stun batons. This product is found on the sites Gadget Universe and AAA Safety First. You should buy a telescopic stun baton that is easy to operate. The simplest models are operated by only pushing down on the trigger button.

Find out the expansion capabilities of the telescopic stun baton. Most models start out as about 305 mm (12 inches) long and then extend to 60 cm (2 feet) or more. You want to get the longest range possible.

Pick a telescopic stun baton with a siren. The siren will startle the assailant as well as alert anyone close by of the attack.

Get a holster as well. If your telescopic stun baton does not come with a holster, pick up one so that you have something to carry it in.

Consider a rechargeable model. The problem with the battery operated types is that you may not realise when the batteries have died.


Remember to check state and local laws before buying a stun baton. Certain self defense products are prohibited.

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