How to Tell If Cantaloupe Has Gone Bad

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Cantaloupe is a healthy food choice because it is fat free, low in calories and rich in vitamins A and C. You can use this fruit in various recipes, such as salad mixes, or as a snack by itself. Cantaloupes can spoil if not handled and stored properly. Avoid wasting your money by purchasing a cantaloupe that has gone bad. Recognising the signs of a spoiled cantaloupe also is important if you have a bad one at home so that you don't ingest it and potentially make yourself sick.

Look for rips, cuts or tears in the rind of the cantaloupe. This type of damage can cause the melon to spoil.

Touch the cantaloupe. If it feels mushy or emits juice without being sliced, it probably has gone bad.

Look for melons that are shrivelled or mouldy, which are common signs of spoilage.

Avoid cantaloupes that appear damaged where the stem was attached to the melon. Damage in this area also can trigger the rotting process.

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