How to know if a cheesecake has spoiled

Magone/iStock/Getty Images

Whether you stumbled on a cheesecake that has been sitting out for a bit, or you are unsure if you current refrigerated cheesecake is still in a good enough condition to eat, there are a few methods that will allow you to check if the cheesecake has gone off or if it is fresh enough to eat safely.

Check the cheesecake for packaging or a wrapper with an expiry date attached. Find the "eat before" date on the packet to verify when the cheesecake will no longer be safe to eat.

Inspect the cheesecake for signs of being spoiled, such as being hard to the touch or having visible spots of mould, which is a sure sign of food that is past its best.

Smell the cheesecake to test its freshness if there are no visible signs of it being rotten or spoiled. If the cheesecake smells sour or foul, it is likely to be spoiled and inedible.

Call the cheesecake company if the cheesecake has a wrapper but no expiry date. The company may be able to track the date of manufacturing for the cheesecake, helping you determine if it is safe to eat.

Take a taste of the cheesecake if you still are unsure. Take a small bite to taste the quality and overall flavour of the cheesecake to help determine if it is spoiled or edible. Do not swallow the bite if you are unsure of its freshness to avoid ingesting spoiled food.