How to Choose a Wig Stand

You can help your wig keep its shape when you place it on a wig stand every time you take it off. There are several styles of stands to choose from, including travel-friendly wig stands and stands that look like models. These wig stands enable you to care for your wig and keep it looking beautiful.

Choose a portable wig stand when you travel with your wig. This type of wig stand comes in two pieces that fit together. When you need to pack the wig stand, the pieces come apart, allowing you to lay it flat. Portable wig stands are ideal for drying wigs because they allow free air flow to all parts of your wig.

Get a polystyrene wig stand to simulate the shape of your head better than a portable stand. These are more durable but require a clamp to hold the wig in place since the polystyrene material is very light. These wig stands come with a hole in the neck to accommodate a clamp.

Display wigs on mannequin heads. These wig stands look more realistic than the polystyrene stands and come complete with painted-on makeup and false eyelashes. Mannequin heads come with a hole in the neck to allow a clamp for stability. You can choose from suction cup clamps that attach to any flat surface or table clamps that you tighten around the edge of a table.

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