How to Throw a Red Carpet Party for a Child's Birthday

Updated February 21, 2017

Give your child the thrill, glitz and glamour of the red carpet with a Hollywood-themed party. Make the birthday girl and her friends feel like celebrities as they dress up, get photographed and attend your own version of an awards show. No Oscars will be awarded, but the children will get feel like Hollywood royalty. Replace the traditional party bag with awards and plan an evening that may be one of your daughter's most memorable birthday celebrations.

Roll out a red carpet in a large open location. Your backyard is an idea location, but if the party is exclusively inside, a large living room will work as well.

Set up the "paparazzi" area that faces the red carpet horizontally. Use a strobe light at a low strobe setting to replicate camera flashes. Assign adults to man real cameras to snap pictures and call out to the guests.

Set up a video camera and tripod near the end of the red carpet. Assign one of the adults to man the video camera and be the interviewer. Record each guest and ask her a series of questions like "What are you wearing?," "How is it being so famous?" and "What's your favourite part of being a celebrity?"

Purchase celebrity cardboard cutouts to place along the red carpet so party guests can "mingle" with the stars. Websites like Incredible Gifts have several cardboard cutouts like Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers, Michael Jackson and more. Use sports cutouts like Chris Jericho or Derek Jeter to engage any young men at the party.

Provide a box full of fake jewellery and costumes for the guests to wear. They can dress up before the red carpet and walk down it multiple times wearing different outfits and accessories. Provide "boy" and "girl" boxes, if the party is co-ed, to make it easier.

Make a list of the guests attending and assign them all awards. Keep them friendly and fun like "Best Nose," "Best Laugh" and "Best Red Carpet Strut." Purchase small trophies to hand out as awards.

Serve bite-sized snacks and juice on fancy plates and cups. Use silver plates and plastic wine glasses to create an "adult" Hollywood experience.

Bake a cake that duplicates the Hollywood sign, is filled with gold decorations or is in the shape of a camera to represent the press on the red carpet.

End the party by playing back the red carpet video recording of all the guests. They'll love seeing themselves all dressed up and answering questions.

Things You'll Need

  • Red carpet
  • Strobe light
  • Cardboard cutout celebrities
  • Video camera
  • Tripod
  • Camera flash
  • Costume jewellery
  • Hollywood costumes
  • Trophies
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