How to make a birthday cake for a diabetic

Updated February 21, 2017

Cooking a birthday cake for a diabetic loved one presents a special challenge. Almost everyone has a sweet tooth, and they want to have the special things that a birthday brings. So, you sit back and try to decide what to do about making a birthday cake. Of course, diabetics can have some sugar, but not the amount in a normal cake. Cooking a cake without sugar sounds difficult, but it really is not. Just try the methods below and you will cook a great diabetic birthday cake.

Peruse a diabetic cookbook. There will be a few cake recipes listed there. Try to make something that pulls in the birthday person's favourite flavours.

Buy a basic sponge cake (or other basic cake) that is already made and use some safe ideas listed below as the decoration. You should be able to find an option suitable for diabetics.

Use sugar substitute in place of granulated sugar in the birthday cake. Make a frosting by using low or sugar-free whipped topping or a simple meringue with sugar substitute added. Another option is to dress the cake up with sugar free pudding or jelly in the place of frosting.

Pick up some decorative silk flowers, fruit, sugar free sweets or small toys to add decoration to the birthday cake.


A small piece will be OK in most cases (but no seconds) if the birthday person insists on having a regular cake made with sugar.


Don't just decide to skip the birthday cake altogether -- it will make the birthday person feel unworthy unless it is their idea.

Things You'll Need

  • Ingredients for cake
  • Decorative items
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