How to Lose Weight on the Rice Diet

The rice diet is a low sodium and low fat diet that has helped people lose weight for years. Despite the name of the diet, you are not restricted to only rice on the rice diet. You actually have dozens of food options on a daily basis. After following a few steps, you'll be ready to lose weight on the rice diet.

Read what the rice diet entails from the Riceway website (see Resources below). The website has an introduction to the rice diet and outlines the different phases of the diet.

Purchase the foods needed for the rice diet. To see what foods you will be eating, go to the Riceway website. Once on the homepage, click on the "Portions" link. Read what constitutes a portion, and pick the food items that interest you. The different categories of food items are dairy, protein, starch, vegetable, fruit, condiments, beverages and fats. You can also shop for the rice diet from the comfort of your own home at the Rice Diet Store website. At the Rice Diet Store website (see Resources below), you can find all the food you will need for the rice diet and have it delivered to your door.

Begin the rice diet by undergoing the detox phase of the rice diet. The detox phase is explained in great detail on the Riceway website. Click on the "Phases" link and you will get a detailed outline of what you are supposed to eat during the detox phase.

Advance to the second stage of the rice diet. While the first stage is usually meant to last only one week, the second step is to be stayed on while you lose the weight you want to lose. You can find what you are allowed to eat each day on the "Phases" link of the Riceway website.

Continue to the third and final stage when you have reached the maintenance portion of your diet. This should be at the point that you have lost all the weight you want to lose. As with phase one and two, you can find information for the third phase on the Riceway website.

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