How to write a business plan for a beauty salon

Updated February 21, 2017

One of the first things you should do if you are planning to open your own beauty salon is write a business plan. A beauty salon is a rewarding business because of the level of personal involvement, including the conception of the business plan. Use these steps as a guideline to start writing a business plan for your new beauty salon.

Start your beauty salon business plan with a summary and description. Include the name of your salon, a mission statement, your motto, legal structure and other pertinent facts such as history.

Describe your salon's products and services and how you will provide them to customers. Talk about what will make your salon special, such as nail, facial and other spa services.

List the equipment and supplies needed for your beauty salon. Include a list of inventory, such as beauty products you will sell.

Explain your marketing plan. Include a market analysis, customer demographics, probable customer needs and advertising strategy.

Detail the financial plan for your beauty salon, including how you will finance the business (self finance, borrow money or use credit cards). Include an operating budget, break-even analysis, profit and loss breakdown and expected cash flow. Also indicate if you will rent or buy the building in which your salon will be located.

Give details about your business strategy and operations. Be specific and include management and employee responsibilities, day-to-day salon operation and important dates.

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