How to Buy Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are worn for many reasons, including incontinence, pressure on the bladder from pregnancy and being bedridden. The two most popular styles of diapers on the market are cloth and disposable. If you need to buy adult diapers for any reason, here are suggestions to follow.

Decide if you want to buy and wear adult cloth diapers or disposable diapers. The major difference in the two is cost. Cloth diapers can be worn and washed over and over, whereas disposable diapers are used once then thrown out.

Determine the amount of moisture absorption you will require in the adult diaper. If you are experiencing heavy leaking you would require a more absorbent diaper than one that protects against sporadic leakage.

Ensure a proper fit. Adult diapers should fit snugly-not too loose, not too tight. If wearing disposable diapers, elasticized bands around the leg openings are a must to prevent leakage.

Buy adult diapers from neighborhood drug stores, discount retailers or medical supply stores or shop online. Adult diapers are designated a Medicare-reimbursable item, so you can often save money and increase convenience by subscribing to a mail-order buying service.


A diaper should be changed as soon as it is soiled to avoid skin irritation. If diaper rash occurs, apply an over-the-counter ointment or cream designed to treat diaper rash, such as Desitin. This can be found in the baby section of any drug store. Some people wear adult diapers when traveling long distances or spending time in areas where access to bathrooms may be limited. Diaper washing services for cloth diapers are available and can be found in your local phone book or Internet directory.

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