How to lighten a dark tint on eyeglass lenses

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Tinted eyeglass lenses shade your eyes from light or add a cosmetic colour to your lenses. The tint is intended to remain in place for the lifespan of your glasses so lightening it can be challenging. In order to lighten eyeglass lenses, you will need to use a lens-dying unit with lens bleach, available from optical suppliers.

Power on the dying unit to allow it to heat. It may take up to 30 minutes for the unit to heat completely.

Fill the unit with bleaching or neutraliser fluid. The type and quantity will depend on the particular unit you are using. Read and follow the manufacturer's directions.

Use the small screwdriver from your eyeglass repair kit to loosen the screws on either side of the glasses. This will release the lenses from the frame. If you have plastic frames, gently push the back of the lens until it pops out.

Open the lens-dying unit to reveal the lens holder. This apparatus will submerge the lenses. Place one lens on either side of the lens holder and slide the holder closed.

Lower the lens holder into the bleaching solution. Allow the lenses to remain for seven minutes.

Lift the lenses out of the bleaching solution and check to see if the tint has been sufficiently lightened. Remove if you are satisfied with the results or lower the lenses back in. Continue checking the lenses every two minutes.

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