How to become a WWE wrestler

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you started watching Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold Steve Austin, you dreamed of being a WWE pro wrestler. You know you could fly off the ropes like Rey Mysterio and talk smack on the microphone like John Cena. The road to the WWE is actually similar to other major league sports like football. Instead of learning to kick a ball, you just need to learn to kick an opponent -- without actually hurting him. Read on to learn more.


Take up a sport other than wrestling. Many WWE wrestlers started as well-rounded athletes playing football or other sports. You don't need to be a world-class athlete, but you should be conditioned as a wrestling match is a strenuous activity.

Take up amateur wrestling in school. Having a background in actual competitive wrestling has never been required, but it will help. Fans are growing more and more to like wrestlers that can pull off actual wrestling moves.

Attend professional wresting schools. The WWE does not personally sponsor any schools, but there are many independent schools and some sponsored by smaller wrestling companies. Check online to find a school near your area.

Take acting or speech classes. Remember that WWE wresting is a mix of sports and theater. You need to be an entertaining character as well as an athlete.

Getting started

Try out for a smaller, independent wrestling organization. This is the same as starting in the minor leagues in major league sports. The big difference is you will have to rely on yourself to move upward.

Get a tryout in Ohio Valley Wrestling, located in Louisville, Kentucky. This is the official training ground for the WWE, and almost all their wrestlers come from here.

Move up to the WWE to perform in dark matches. You will first take part in matches put on for the live fans before the televised matches. From here, you will likely move on to Heat, the WWE's webcast show.

Move up to WWE television shows. Your character will be assigned to either Raw, SmackDown or ECW. Many consider Raw to be the cream of the crop because it's televised live.


Remember that WWE wrestling is scripted, not "fake" as its detractors claim. There is nothing fake about training and practicing wrestling moves to avoid hurting yourself and your opponent. Don't develop a "character" until you've completely learned to be a wrestler. What's more, your smaller wrestling companies and the WWE will likely give you their own in-ring personas. Still, keep in mind that guys like The Rock and Steve Austin made it big by being themselves at a high volume. Always continue to watch wrestling as a fan. This will remind you what the fans want and what you should be in the ring.

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