How to Become a Kickboxing Instructor

As kickboxing becomes increasingly popular, the need for qualified kickboxing instructors has also increased. Becoming a certified kickboxing and aerobics instructor is easier than ever, with many certification courses available both in person and online. Many of these programs can also assist you with finding employment after you become a certified instructor or even give you the tools you need to start your own business.

Determine the scope and range of your certification in advance. For instance, many instructors want to focus on one specific type of kickboxing, such as Muay Thai or full contact karate, while others may want to broaden their certifications to include aerobics instruction and personal training. Choosing a broader field of study may help you find more job opportunities. However, if you become a specialist, your services may be more desirable.

Select a legitimate certification program from a licensed training facility, either in person or on the Internet. The American Fitness Professionals and Associates offers such programs and can also refer you to other training programs in your area (see Resources below).

Complete the instructional program to the best of your ability, since your success and ranking may influence the type of clientele you'll able to attract. Most training facilities will provide the instructional supplies you need to complete the program, including all ID cards and certificates.

Decide what type of kickboxing instruction you want to offer. Most training programs offer job placement services and resources that will help you find a job in the fitness industry as a kickboxing instructor. Or, you can use your training to start your own kickboxing facility, whether it be in person or on the Internet.

Consider offering specialized kickboxing classes aimed at certain types of clients, such as women's kickboxing classes, children's kickboxing classes or even Kickboxing for Seniors. The popularity of such courses is on the rise and they can be quite lucrative.


Having a black belt in one or more kickboxing martial arts can help, but isn't a necessity. Certain forms, such as Muay Thai, do not have such rankings.


Always get references from any institution that claims to provide authentic certification for kickboxing and aerobics certification. Fraudulent certification outfits, especially on the Internet, are on the rise.

Things You'll Need

  • Kickboxing and aerobics certification
  • Enrollment fees
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