How to Use MSN Web Messenger With a Webcam

Updated April 17, 2017

Instant messaging has become one of the most popular activities on the Internet. It allows individuals from around the world to keep in touch without expensive phone bills. MSN Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging clients. Along with being able to type to each other, users can see each other if they have a webcam connected. With webcams becoming cheaper and often built into laptops, video chat has become a common activity for many people. MSN Messenger helps make this a simple and enjoyable experience.

Go to the MSN home page and download the MSN Messenger software. You will also need to create an account if you don't already have one.

Launch the MSN Messenger application and click "Tools," then "Audio and video set-up." Here you select your camera and edit the settings if you wish, then click "Finish."

Click the "Send Webcam" button to begin streaming your video to the person with whom you are talking.

After the individual accepts your invitation, your webcam will begin broadcasting.

Click the "View Webcam" button to view your contact's webcam. If they accept, you will see their video.


You may need to adjust the height and angle of your webcam so that you are in the frame. Also, adjust the lights in the room so you are visible. Webcams work best in well-lit areas. To have the best quality video, it is necessary to have high speed Internet. Streaming video back and forth requires a good amount of bandwidth to work properly. Users can also hear each other if they have microphones and speakers connected to their computers. This can eliminate the need to type and make the conversation more personal. If you are having trouble getting your webcam to function properly, use the webcam's software to make sure it is configured properly and is functioning on its own. Both users do not need to have a webcam installed. The user without a webcam can still view the sender's webcam without any difficulties.


MSN Messenger does have rules regarding how the software is used, so make sure to read them over because breaking them can be punishable. MSN Messenger does not allow you to invite multiple people to a conversation to view your webcam. However, you can have multiple conversations going simultaneously.

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