How to Print a CD Jewel Case Insert in iTunes

Do you hate having a plain, clear CD case? Maybe you hate not knowing what is on a certain CD. Do not worry, because in iTunes, you can print a CD jewel case insert or make a song/album list in a matter of minutes. You can use your creativity to decide what theme you would like to have to design your insert. Just follow the steps below to print a CD jewel case insert in iTunes.

Make sure your computer and printer are plugged in and running properly. Check to see if iTunes is working as well.

Click on the iTunes program. Click on your Library or choose the playlist you would like to use.

Go to File, which is at the top left hand of the page. Scroll down and click on Print.

Click on the Theme pop-up menu. Here you will be asked to select a printing theme.

Click on your desired theme. Lastly, click OK.


To add a photo to the insert, drag it form the iPhoto window to the Artwork area in the Song Information dialog box. If you are having any problems, click on the Help menu. This should help any difficulties you may be having.


Make sure to trim the insert (after it is printed) by following the marks on the edge of the image. This will allow the insert to fit properly in the case.

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