How to update the Audi MMI

Updated April 17, 2017

The Audi multimedia interface (MMI) is the manufacturer's proprietary computerised system that includes in-car satellite navigation, multimedia playback, climate control and the onboard information system. Audi releases updates from time to time to fix known bugs and upgrade the software with new and improved features. If your Audi runs on an older version of the MMI firmware, you can upgrade the system to take advantage of the latest updates.

Switch off the Audi's engine. Move the ignition key to the "Accessories" position so that the in-car navigation and electrical systems stay active. The dashboard lights should be illuminated and the MMI screen active.

Find the MMI upgrade CD disc that came with your Audi. This is usually stored in a plastic sleeve inside the manufacturer's user manual. If you've misplaced yours, you may be able to source another disc from your Audi dealer.

Insert the CD in the slot on the front of the audio player in the central console area. Wait a few seconds for the Audi MMI system to detect the disc. Use the MMI navigation controls behind the gear stick to confirm your preferred options in the onscreen prompts. This process varies slightly depending on the MMI system version installed in your Audi, but typically you will need to choose the "Setup" option followed by "Software Update" in the onscreen menu.

Wait for the update process to finish -- the MMI system will flash this notification up on the screen -- and then eject the upgrade disc. Put it back in the original sleeve in case you need it again. Start the Audi and the MMI system should be updated.


Once you've updated to the latest MMI firmware version, maps and other feature updates should be automatic.

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