How to work the PS3 USB camera with my PC

The PlayStation Eye is the successor to the EyeToy camera that was created by Sony for the PlayStation 2. Released in 2007, the PlayStation Eye boasts advanced motion detection and features a built-in microphone system for high quality sound reproduction. While primarily intended to be used with the PlayStation 3, the camera can also be connected to any PC or laptop in a few simple steps. Using the camera with a computer will enable voice recording and the ability to transmit web calls, similar to how a standard USB camera would operate.

How to connect the PS3 camera to a PC

Find an available USB slot on your PC or laptop.

Insert the connector at the end of the PlayStation 3 camera into the USB slot on your PC or laptop. A blue LED light should appear on the camera.

Wait for 45 seconds while your computer automatically detects and installs the USB camera. You can now use your PlayStation 3 camera with your PC or laptop.

How to use the PS3 camera to record sound

Download and install the audio recorder program "Audacity" to your computer.

Load up Audacity and click on "Edit" at the top of the software. At the bottom of this list click on "Preferences."

Under the text that says "Recording device," click on the arrow at the side and select the option that says "Microphone USB Audio Device." Click "OK" at the bottom of the page.

Click on the red record button at the top of the software to begin recording with the PS3 camera.

How to configure the PS3 camera for web calls

Download and install the "CL Eye Platform Driver" to your computer.

On your desktop click on the newly installed icon "CL Eye Test."

Click on "Devices" at the top of the software and select the option "PS3 Eye Camera." The PS3 camera will now be ready for web calls.

Download and install "Skype" to your computer.

Load up Skype and sign in with your Microsoft account, or create a new one.

Place the mouse on any contact within Skype. At the top of the software click on "Call" and then "Video" and then "Video Settings."

To the side of the text which says "Select webcam," click on the arrow and choose from the list "PS3 Eye Camera." Click "Save" at the bottom of the page. You can now use the PS3 camera for Skype web calls.


Do not force the USB connector at the end of the PlayStation 3 camera into the slot on your computer. If it does not naturally fit, try turning it the other way round.

When using the PlayStation Eye for the PlayStation 3 system ensure you stand 2 metres away from the camera.

Things You'll Need

  • PC
  • PlayStation Eye USB camera
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