How to turn off call forwarding

You have just returned from an important business meeting, a friend’s wedding or your summer holiday and now all you need to do is turn off call forwarding on your mobile or landline phone. With all the different call options and advances in technology, remembering how to change your phone's settings can be challenging but you can typically deactivate the call forwarding feature by entering a numerical code on your home phone's keypad or from the settings menu on a mobile.

Mobile phones

Find the settings menu. If you can't see a “Settings” option you should see a button in its place with a sprocket or spanner/screwdriver icon.

Scroll through the settings menu and look for either “Calls” or “Call Settings" -- you may see an icon with a telephone handset symbol instead.

Look for and select the option for either “Call Forwarding,” “Call Diverts” or “Forward Calls.”

Choose to either switch off the call forwarding option or cancel diverts as the phone allows.

BT landline

Pick up the handset and dial "#21#" to switch of call forwarding for all calls and wait for the confirmation message.

Dial "#61#" to switch off call forwarding for those telephone calls you don't manage to answer within 15 seconds and wait for the confirmation message.

Enter "#67#" to switch off call forwarding when your telephone line is engaged and wait for the confirmation message.

Virgin Media landline

Find out which colour zone you are in by dialling "1765" from your Virgin phone. The setup features vary depending on your location.

Dial "#21#" from a green, blue, yellow or pink zone phone or, from the red zone dial "#70."

Listen for the call forwarding cancellation confirmation message. To check call forwarding is not still active dial "*#21#" -- this option is not available in red zones.


Smartphones, including the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry, allow you to switch off call forwarding by swiping the feature on and off in the Settings screens.

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