How to make a Luna Lovegood costume

Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter books and films is a great character to dress up as for a party, thanks to her quirky, unique nature. Her costume is a typical Ravenclaw uniform consisting of school clothes and a few Harry Potter magical accessories, and as a result it's fairly easy to make for both children and adults.

The clothes Luna Lovegood wears are essentially just a basic school uniform. To make the uniform, combine a simple white women’s shirt with a grey or black thin jumper over the top, and a black school shirt. Add to this either black tights or knee-high socks, and black “Mary-Jane” style shoes.

The robe that Luna wears is a standard Ravenclaw robe, which is the same as any other Hogwarts school robe, except for the logo. To make this either buy a black full-length robe, or make one yourself using a length of black fabric measuring from the shoulders to the ankles. Cut this to size with full length sleeves and add on a Ravenclaw crest patch by placing the crest on the front of the robe, on the left-hand side. The crest patch can be either bought online, printed from the Web or created yourself.

The traditional colours for the tie are bronze and dark blue. To make it, first buy a simple dark blue tie. Add the stripes with bronze fabric paint, with either a brush and ruler, or a fabric pen. The pattern should be two thick lines, an inch of fabric, a thin line, another inch of fabric, and then repeated over the whole tie.

Luna Lovegood’s hair is platinum blonde-coloured. If this isn’t your hair colour already, you can either buy a cheap wig, spray colour your hair with platinum-coloured hair spray, or permanently bleach the colour of your hair. Permanent bleach done at the hairdressers’ will look the most effective but a wig or spray works well too (if the outfit is for a child or you're reluctant to change your hair colour perhaps). Look for a wig that ends halfway down the wearer’s back, and if using hairspray, make sure the hair is evenly coloured. This may require more than one can of spray.

Magic wands can be purchased online or in various toy stores. If you wish to make the wand, find a medium-sized stick, and use a small knife to shave the edges down and whittle the end to make it pointed. Varnish the stick with dark or light wood varnish once smoothed to finish it off.


Make sure children using scissors or sewing machines/kits are accompanied by an adult.

Get an adult to use the knife on the wand.

Follow the instructions carefully on the hairspray/bleach to avoid danger.

Things You'll Need

  • White women’s shirt
  • Grey/black thin jumper
  • Black tights or knee-high socks
  • Black shoes
  • Black body-length fabric
  • Ravenclaw crest patch
  • Dark blue tie
  • Bronze fabric paint or fabric pen
  • Platinum-coloured hair spray, wig or bleach
  • Medium-sized stick
  • Light or dark wood varnish
  • Small knife
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or sewing kit
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