How to stream from the computer to the TV with Wi-Fi

Have you ever wanted to easily watch a movie from your laptop on a big-screen TV? In the wireless world we live in today you can say goodbye to plugging in your laptop to your TV in order to watch a video. Now you can conveniently, easily and wirelessly stream video and sound from your Home Theatre PC to your television set using AirPlay.

How to stream with WiFi

On your HTPC you will need to download and install XBMC, a free and legal software. This program is available on all platforms so your Media Centre computer does not necessarily have to be a Windows PC.

Once you have installed XBMC, you will need to open it. Click on the System menu, navigate through "Settings", click on "Services" and finally click on "AirPlay". At this point you need to check the "Allow XBMC to receive AirPlay content" box. Now that you have enabled AirPlay, your Media Centre is ready to receive streamed content.

Open iTunes if you are using a laptop. Locate the icon of a rectangular screen with a triangle over it on the right of the volume slider. This is the AirPlay icon. Click on this icon and select the Media Centre computer from the list. This will automatically send the video and/or audio you are playing to XBMC which will immediately play it on your HTPC.

Open the Video or Music app if you are using an iDevice; tap play. Tap on the rectangular screen with a triangle over it (next to the volume slider) to activate AirPlay streaming.

Use the iTunes controls as you would normally to pause, fast forward, rewind, stop, etc.


If you do not have an HTPC, you can stream from the computer to the TV using either an AppleTV or a Xbox 360 connected to a regular TV set.


  • To stream HD video you will need a fast router like a standard Wireless-N type router. If you are using a Wireless-G router you may need an upgrade. - The media centre computer needs to be running the Bonjour service to properly communicate with iTunes and other Apple devices. If you have installed iTunes on that computer, then Bonjour is already running. If you have not installed iTunes on the HTPC, you will either need to download it, or just download the Bonjour service from Apple's website. A link is given below.

Things You'll Need

  • - HTPC (Home Theatre PC)
  • - XBMC Media Centre software
  • - PC or Mac laptop with iTunes, or any iDevice
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