How to recover passwords from Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser includes a feature for remembering your online passwords, saving you the trouble of logging in every time you visit Facebook, Amazon or any other site. While this system is very convenient, it means passwords can be easily forgotten. Thankfully, Chrome enables you to recall your saved passwords at any time.

Open Google Chrome and click on the Chrome menu button (three horizontal lines). Choose "Settings" from the menu.

Click "Show advanced settings..." and then "Manage saved passwords" to open a dialog showing all the login details stored by Chrome.

Scroll through the list to find the details for the site you're interested in. Alternatively type out the name of the site in the search box at the top until it appears on screen.

Click on any entry in the list to highlight it, then click "Show" to reveal the password. From left to right, you can then see the site URL, the username and the password used to gain access.

Click on the cross by any entry in the password dialog to delete it from Google Chrome's memory. The next time you visit the site in question you'll be prompted to log in again from scratch.


To switch off the password saving feature completely, untick the box labelled "Offer to save passwords I enter on the web" under the Passwords and forms heading on the Settings screen.

Recently saved passwords can be erased by clicking "Clear browsing data..." under Privacy. Check the box marked "Clear saved passwords" and then choose a timeframe from the drop-down list at the top. Click on "Clear browsing data" to confirm.

Google Chrome enables you to sync passwords across any machine that has the browser installed, through the use of your Google Account credentials. To manage this, select "Advanced sync settings..." from the top of the Settings page. Removing the password from one computer will remove it from all others if sync is enabled. The same dialog gives you the option to encrypt saved passwords.

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