How to Sell Your Fur Coat

Maybe you've just moved to Miami. Or maybe that coat you spent thousands on a few years ago is woefully out of date now. Turn to one of several fur companies that buy and sell used furs on a consignment basis--if it's in good condition.

Learn as much as you can about your fur beforehand. What kind of fur is it and how old is it? What is the coat's style and size?

Get your coat appraised at a fur specialist (look under "Fur Dealers" in the Yellow Pages). U.S. law requires furriers to appraise garments in person. Age has less to do with the value of a used garment than the care it has been given over the years (proper cold storage during the summer months is a huge factor).

Send your coat to one of three retailers that purchase or consign used fur from anyone in the United States: Henry Cowit Inc. and Ritz Furs in New York City, and Chicago Fur Outlet in Chicago. After inspection, they'll give you an estimated resale price.

Sell your coat through a newspaper (preferably, a cold-climate region) or an online ad on or


It's easier to resell a darker fur such as mink or sable. Donate a fur coat that's in bad condition to a charity as a tax deduction. Furriers usually don't resell coats in bad condition.

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