How to Sell Homemade Wooden Toys

Updated April 17, 2017

Homemade wooden toys come in all shapes and sizes and can be quite profitable for the skilled craftsman. The creation of beautiful handcrafted toys requires creativity and perseverance, traits that also are important for the salesman looking to profit from them. The ability to combine both online and local markets is the key to successfully selling these crafts. When a craftsman is looking to expand his customer base, it is important to keep both venues in mind and understand those tactics that result in the best profitability from each.

Set up a booth at local flea markets and crafts shows. Keys Flea Market Directory offers a directory of the flea markets in the United States on their website listed below.

Provide booth visitors with your business card. Be ready to discuss your business. Flea market and craft show attendees will be very interested in how your wooden toys are made and why you have chosen this hobby or business. Your skills will be on display and your knowledge of your toys will be an invaluable sales tool.

Register and list your inventory with specialised online auction houses such as In each listing that you make for your items, describe your business and your love for your woodwork. On speciality sites, you are selling yourself as well as your items. Wooden toys require careful packaging; invest in quality soft-sided mailers to ensure that the items are undamaged on arrival.

Broaden your market to include the larger online auction houses, such as eBay, when you feel the additional fees can be covered by your potential increases in sales volume. Do not list more than you can craft, though, or you may fall behind on orders. Remember to include a business card with all items that you ship to online buyers.

Communicate with other woodworkers who sell locally and online. This will increase your exposure and give you access to new tools and techniques to develop your skills and business. maintains forums for serious woodworkers to discuss matters related to their craft.


Remember when listing online to take clear pictures of your toys from multiple angles. If your toys move or interlock, post a video or animated picture to show exactly what they can do.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Business cards
  • Supply of toys
  • Secure padded mailers
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