How Does a Mole Trap Work?

Written by john albers
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How Does a Mole Trap Work?

Choker Mole Traps

Choker mole traps are built along the same lines as a bear trap. It consists of two stamped metal wickets attached by a hinge on either side to create something like a folding table. Suspended in the middle of the hinges is a large spring and a trigger facing downward. The metal prongs at the bottom of the device are pried apart until a pin can be inserted, holding them open. After locating a mole tunnel running along the surface of the ground, the device is inserted into the ground so that the prongs run alongside the tunnel and the trigger is level with the tunnel ceiling. Moles prefer to take the same tunnels when travelling from place to place if they can, so there's a good chance the mole will pass through the tunnel with the trap in it. When the mole passes through the trap, its back brushes the trigger mechanism, pulling the pin out of place. The spring pulls snaps the prongs of the device together, killing the mole as it is caught between the prongs.

How Does a Mole Trap Work?
Choker traps are built to be low profile and not easily seen above the level of your yard.

Plunger Mole Traps

A plunger mole trap has two downward facing metal prongs protruding from the sides of the main plate. The main plate is slotted and has another smaller plate with a series of metal spikes pointing downward suspended above it. On either side of the main plate is a metal brace pointing upward, holding a powerful spring between a central brace and the spike plate. A rocker mechanism is placed alongside the bottom metal prongs of the main assembly. This rocker mechanism is connected to the spiked plate, holding it aloft despite the pressure exerted against it by the spring. Like the choker trap, the plunger trap is inserted into the top of mole tunnel with the lower prongs straddling the tunnel. As a mole passes between the prongs, it will brush against the rocker mechanism, triggering the spike plate suspended above. The spiked plate with snap down, the spikes passing through the slots of the main plate, to kill the mole from above.

How Does a Mole Trap Work?
The well known Victor Harpoon Mole Trap.

Humane Mole traps

A humane mole trap is a very simple device. It is a piece of thick plastic tubing with metal discs covering either end. These discs can be pushed inward, but not outward. To be used, the tube is placed inside a mole tunnel and covered with earth. If the mole wishes to go through the tunnel it will barge through the tube. The mole will push one of the discs inward as it crawls forward, into the tube. However the disc on the other side will not hinge outward, nor will the one behind the mole once it is inside. In this way the mole has been safely and humanely trapped. All you need do is check the trap and release the mole several miles from your home to be rid of it.

How Does a Mole Trap Work?
One of the more common humane types of trap.

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